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Below is a link to the full calendar including destinations. Select 'Chiltern' in the section box before clicking the search button. You will need to log into the VMCC main website


Most section runs use the dispatch style system, if you have never ridden this way please ask at sign on, the system will be explained, if you don't want to use the system you can still come, but will need to ride with the back marker to avoid any confusion to other riders.

At the start please listen to the run leader's briefing as he can often be advising of any problem areas on the route, in any case it is discourteous to chat among yourselves when he is talking, and several members are quite deaf, so can't hear the briefing if others are talking. Please be ready to move off at the proper time.

There have been problems with visibility of route markers, especially where low sun and hedges on the corner add to the problem.The committee feel that wearing a yellow vest could assist with this and are obtaining a small stock to offer riders who do not normally wear one to use on the run.When marking a corner please give some thought as to how easy it is for approaching riders to see you and, where safe to do so, position yourself accordingly.Indicate to approaching riders the direction they should take, by moving your arms, whilst doing this you will be more visible.Whilst back marking I have often ridden to a stop behind a corner marker and blown my horn to get him moving , paying attention to the job would overcome this and help other riders to go in the right direction. There is a guide below outlining some of the difficulties we have encountered.

Whilst riding look out for markers on all side turnings, by looking ahead you will see them sooner and be able to position yourself to turn safely and by seeing them earlier you are less likely to miss the turn if your view is obscured by an oncoming large vehicle (I have seen it happen when marking a corner).If riding in a line of riders don't assume the one at the front has seen the marker, stay switched on and go your own way.

If leading a run (volunteers always wanted!)If you run out of following riders to mark the next turning ride to the turning and wait in a safe place until a rider appears rather than slowing down and holding up other traffic.Remember they don’t know that we are on a run and in the case of delivery drivers are often on a tight schedule.

Safe riding.

Recently some runs have gone wrong after the corner marshals have not been seen, you must try to make yourselves visible, not just for your own safety, but for the sanity of the organisers.

We are going to turn right here, but can you see the guide?

Maybe a hi vis vest will help?

Or a better position, in this case on the grass triangle.

At roundabouts the problem can become worse, can you see the guide? He is too far around the bend…

If he stands to the left you can’t see if you are going straight or turning right

A better position would be on the exit in clear view

Of course the high Vis would help here too

Please make yourselves visible, stop in a safe place, preferably off the road and give a clear signal to the rest of the riders the direction we are supposed to go.


All our regular runs became bubble run groups of six, we passed each other and waved, we went to different destinations, but we also had a list of places to go. You might like to ride out to one of these places of interest yourself.

Our first bubble run we tried to do the beating the bounds southern route...

After that we tried to go to some of the places from the 2005 competion, others sent in photos from places they visited on their own. Not all the origional places are on this list, I saved a few for 2021 just in case we can't get off to a normal start.

Tithing Stone (boundary stone)- A40 Holtspur , near Beaconsfield

John Hampden Memorial- Prestwood

13th Century Church-The Lea

Airman’s Memorial – Berinsfield

Golden Plough – Warborough

Model Castle- Highmoor

Quainton Market Cross

Coffin Rest, Upper Street Quainton

1641 Grave Stone Pitchcott (Carters Lane)

Boundary Marker –Thame Bridge (old Road Bridge)

West Wycombe Pedestal Mile Post

Lee Common Diamond Jubilee Well

House Wall Murals Halton Village

Memorial to a Horse- Latimer Village Green

Disused Railway Bridge off A421 Verney Junction,Thornborough

Decorated Barn end and Vicars Parking Notice-Harpsden

Ornamental Plaques-Westfield Cottages Medmenham

Evicted Knight- Chilton Parish Church

John Schorne’s Well-North Marsden

Boundary Marker-Ickford, Thame River Bridge

Old Stocks- Dinton

War Memorial-Hampden Row

Egyptian Well Lower Hartwell, nr Aylesbury

Paper Mill –The Ford, Sandpit Lane (off B4009)

Pathfinders Memorial-Chalgrove

St Osyth’s Well- Bierton

Glacial Stone-Soulbury

Phantom Level Crossing-Steeple Claydon

Island Pillar Box-Nether Winchendon

Rebecca’s Well- Crazies Hill, nr Wargrave

Communal Bakehouse- Aldbury

Memorial to Thomas Harding-Chesham Church Yard


Ferry Memorial-Medmenham

Grave of John Cooper (Highwayman)-Highwood Bottom

Medmenham Church, what were supposed to find?

Chalgrove and John Hampden memorial visited by the growing vintage push bike bubble..

Brendan pumps and waits for the Devil at John Schornes Well ................Glacial Stone at Soulbury

Overheating and roadworks, the trip to Rebeccas well was not well, but Brendan returned to find it

Brill Windmill...................................................................Boundry Marker Thame......................Is this the knight?

No Says Merv, the Knights on the side of the Church !

Fingest Pound on the hotest day of the year

Not sure if Roy has re painted his bike or if this is another one, anyway he reports the grass has been cut at Pitchcott, so the 1641 gravestone can be seen

Roy went out looking for the nearest coffin rest to Quainton, and came up with this? Not sure if I should start a new list or deduct a point?

The disused railway bridges are now getting ready to be used again at Verney Junction. We were glad to report the fish are still in the river below.

Work was also evident at the phantom level crossing, soon be trains again here.

Ickford Boundry Marker in the middle of the bridge

Lea Common Diamond Jubilee Well.

Out in the failing light and the rain, Latimer Horse memorial.

No, we could'nt make out what it said

I think Roy must have been at the well when I put the details on the web, he went by push bike.

The old Church at the Lea

Roy has visited another one of the places on the list, I think he is using it for his daily exercise; he went on a different push bike today. Where are all the old motorcycles?

Roy's been out lookiing for the coffin rest, green bike today, he thinks someones nicked it, sent the market cross instead

and the Windmill

The Island Pillar box

Roys been busy again

The Old Paper Mill

Dinton Old Stocks

Halton Wall paintings-Thanks Roy